Groovie through the Outback

I started to write this post as a step by step report about what I experienced last week in the Outback, but decided against it and want to start new – and in english, so everybody can read AND understand this.

This trip was amazing. I have seen a lot of incredible things and I still cannot believe it. But it is not just about the great things I saw, or the fun we all had together, but also about the things and feelings I learned. Our Western World is so… small in thinking, not to say stupid. All the things that are important to us, seem to be totally  worthless as soon as you are out there. As soon as you know how beautiful life and nature can be without us destroying it.

But I guess that is not what for you klicked on this post. You want to know what crazy shit I have done out there. As said I won’t tell you everything (some insider you won’t understand anyway, like the wave… :D) but the most important things.

First the team it self – without mention any names.outback11.JPG

So there is our main tourguide aka Mogli aka the snake wisperer aka the fearless (aside from the cold and working in an office behinde a Computer – ohhh and Dobby *shocked*) aka the runner or simply: Aussie-Google in person! Best, funniest and „wised“ guy/ guide ever!

And then there was the the other guide – the Aussie – who is sort of home- and jobless but having the time of his life! I wish more people on our world would have his calmness. But it is definitely better, that his kind of humor is unique – in a good way.

Not really a guide, but also from the company Groovie Grape is the „Dutchie“. She is wonderful and so incredible lovely, you kinda have to like her.

The „Frenchies“ and the „German Couple“ were a bit older than the rest of us, what doesn’t mean that they were less funny, believe me!

The „best friends“ are two girls from Germany looking for adventure and getting a lot of it! Looking forward to hear what the rest of their trip will bring up.

And then there were the „boys“… but I must acknowledge that they were the only Germans that tried to speak english the whole time – well after a while it was a bit anoying because their pronunciation was not the best, but… they tried… they tried.

I had a wonderful time with „Canada“ and I really hope to meet her again at some time – maybe in Canada because that’s my new lifegoal: exploring Canada! Everything she told me about it sound soooo amazing! I am ready to go!

Not to forget „Team Austria“. Two hilarious girls from… who would have guessed it: Austria! Sadly their trip is now over and they’re about to leave Down Under, but now I at least know where to go when I want to go skiing.

Last but not least: „my Travelmate“ and the „Quiet“ with who I had a great time out there!!

In my ears this sounds like a great group to spent time with and trust me, I was really sad when it was time to say goodbye, and after this week I was honestly surpriesed that „Canada“ and I were the only ones who joined „Mogli“ in the pub in Alice Springs. Well… we had a great time anyway and it is always interesting to see how talkactive drunk people are *evil laugh*.

But before that we have been to:


Coober Pedy – an amazing Underground Town surrounded by loads and loads of Opal. One of the „best friends“ is pretty sure that she has seen a black ratbig shadow-Monster in our „dorm“. Soon there was panik everywhere – it was so funny, especially when „Mogli“ threw a big fake snake infront of her feet. Hilarious!

AND we have seen Kangaroo orphans – little Charlie *-*

Uluru – this is the most beautiful place on earth, particular while sunrise and sunset! And you won’t believe me how amazing the sky is out there, but just try to imagine it. Loads of stars, Milkyway and Mars. See it? And then put youself in a sleeping bag inside a swag and the night is perfect! I mean: SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS!!!!!!!

Oh, and there was a pool at the camp ground… maybe a bit cold, but one of the „best friends“ was  so kind to help me getting in… oh no, I think that’s not exactly what she did… actually she PUSHED me in the cold water! But at least she was kind enough to remind me in beforehand to take of my leather wristlet off 😀

Kata Tjuta – Bloody Hell, THIS VIEW!!! *-* It’s probably not the easiest hike on planet but totally worth it! And we all survived even though „Dutchie“ and I took the harder way to get down.

Kings Canyon – Except for the steps at the beginnig, the hot sun and the fact that we had already done a 10 km walk around Uluru in the early morning (normal people need about 3h or more for this walk and we did it in 2h – and still „Mogli“ says that we were far to slow the whole time…) was this hike easier than the other one, but still AMAZING! At this place I haven’t taken so many photos as usual, but I just wanted to enjoy the view and tried not to collapse. *grin*


Kings Canyon

Oh, and the camp here was not as nice as the others (to many people and caravans and… I don’t know) but we still had a great time around here, except for the few minutes we went to sleep in our swags and a Dingo wanted to join us…

Before Alice Springs – on our way to our final terminal we stopped at a Camel farm where a few of us where brave enough to ride a Camel (Yes, I was one of them!)


I am riding a CAMEL!! I!

Alice Springs – „Mogli“ brought us to our Hostels and Hotels and probably enjoyed his time without us until we met for our final dinner. And after that „we“ went to that pub…


See you, Saskia xxx


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  1. Saskia auf Abenteuer Reise!!!! *_* Auf die Nacht unter Sternen bin ich echt ziemlich neidisch wenn ich ehrlich sein soll…. 😛 Ich hab dich lieb und freue mich wie eine irre für dich!!! :*

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