Interview with the one and only Jennifer E. Smith

jenniferesmithAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *freaks out* You may know it, or maybe not, but I LOVE the books from Jennifer E. Smith, especially „Die statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit von Liebe auf den ersten Blick“ and after the last one (Dich immer wiedersehen) I decided to just write her to tell her, HOW MUCH I love her books and I also asked for an interview. To be honest I did not really expecte to get an answer, because let’s be honest, I am this small and she is HUGE!


So you can imagine that my heart made a little pause when there was this mail from HER in my mailbox. I was about to cry, thats how happy I was! And she did not just responded to my mail, NO she ALSO agreed to answer some questions for my blog *screams happily*

So, Ladies and Gentleman, here is Jennifer E. Smith answering MY questions: *proud*

1.     When and why did you start writing stories?

I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. When I was in fourth grade, I won a statewide short story contest, and that was it for me — I knew then I wanted to be a writer.

2.     Was your first written script also your first released book? If not what was it about?

Not even close! The first „novel“ I wrote was when I was thirteen, and it was about a girl and a horse. After that, I wrote a lot of stories through high school and college, and then two more novels after I graduated, neither of which got published. So it took a while!

3.     What inspires you?

It depends on the day, and also the book. But generally, I love stories that are sad and sweet and full of heart, and what I hope to leave readers with — always — is a sense of hope. So that’s what inspires me to keep writing.

4.     Is there one book that is especially special too you? If yes, which and why?

I’m very proud of all my books, of course, but I do have a special fondness for The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, just because it changed my life and my writing career in so many ways, and it was also such a joy to write.


5.     Is the hundreds question for a photo or autograph still as exciting as the first one?

Of course! I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so the fact that I’m doing it now as a career is still very exciting to me, and whenever I get a note from fans or a request to sign a book, it means a whole lot.

6.     Do you like to talk/ discuss about books in your free time or are you after a while glad if you can talk about something else?

A little of both! Sometimes it’s helpful to talk about the books while I’m writing them, but other times it’s important to leave work behind and focus on other things. So it depends!

7.     If there would be a book cover for your life, how would it look like? Don’t hesitate to tell all the details!

Oh, this is a tough one! I’m not really sure. Something very simple and colorful, I think…

8.     If somebody would offer you a role in a movie as a superhero/ antihero – who would you be? Name, appearance, superpower…

A superhero for sure. Maybe someone who does random acts of kindness in the world!


9.     What makes you smile?

So many things. But right at this moment, my dog is sleeping in a very funny, very twisty position, and that’s definitely making me smile…

10.  If you could be where ever you want to right now, where would you be and what would you do?

My favorite place in the world is Scotland, so I’d probably choose to be there!

11.  What’s your next lifegoal?

Just to hopefully continue writing books– and to continue hearing from my wonderful readers about them!


*smiles from one ear to another* THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH, Jennifer!!!

So guys, do you know some books from Jennifer E. Smith (if not, CHANGE IT!) ?! Are you also such a huge fan as I am?

Do you like interviews like these?! Would you like to see them more often?

Let’s go and discuss it in the comments!

See ya, Saskia xxx

P.S. HAPPY NICOLAUS! giphy9.gif


7 Kommentare zu “Interview with the one and only Jennifer E. Smith

  1. Gute Fragen ^.^ Und freut mich für dich! Ich habe bisher noch kein Buch von ihr gelesen, aber ich überlege schon länger, ob ich „Die statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit von Liebe auf den ersten Blick“ lesen will.

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